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May update

The apartment management made me take down all of my railing planters but things are still doing great!     Phacelia bolanderi covered in caterpillar poop    Ollalieberries   Baby blue eyes   Manzanita   Cream cups  Cobweb thistle Going back to my earlier … Continue reading

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California natives!

Because of this terrible drought, I’ve let most of my veggie garden go and converted to low water California natives. It’s actually really lovely because I’ve chosen a lot of flowering plants that attract wildlife and have beautiful blooms all … Continue reading

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Garden update: mid-April

The plants are going bananas. I can’t keep up!  Unfortunately I’m super busy at school now too and don’t have a lot of time to tend to everything! The South balcony is an absolute mess right now. I’ve still got … Continue reading

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Garden update: end of March

Everything is getting pretty lush! Got all the tomatoes hanging now. Set up a little privacy wall of plants: Giant parsley: Hanging tomato: Radish and carrot window box: Cucumber tendril! Strawberry flowers: Also set up the rain gutter planter on … Continue reading

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Hanging tomatoes

I’m a few years behind the trend, but I’ve decided to try hanging some of my tomatoes upside down in order to save precious space on the balcony. I wanted to make my own planter in order to better control … Continue reading

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Spittle bug sighting!

On the pink yarrow. So cool!

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All the fruit trees except the pomegranate have flowers now! The balcony smells like perfume. Even saw a bee friend buzzing the lime tree 🙂 Crabapple: Lime: Lemon: Olive: Here’s some more fun flowers from around the garden– Yarrow bud: … Continue reading

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