Hanging tomatoes

I’m a few years behind the trend, but I’ve decided to try hanging some of my tomatoes upside down in order to save precious space on the balcony. I wanted to make my own planter in order to better control soil moisture and pot size (the topsy turny planters are notorious for drying out daily and in my opinion are too small) and save money. Buckets are the popular choice for most diy-ers, but I was worried about leaching from the cheaper buckets (food safe buckets are closer to $10/ea) and I think they’re pretty ugly.

I found pulp pots for $3 each, they’re pretty natural looking, and they hopefully won’t get super hot sitting all day in the sun. Since they’re not plastic, I needed to fashion a holder to support them rather than drilling holes. My first attempt was a macrame type holder with cotton rope and a hole in the bottom for the plant to stick out of. It was not very attractive, the knots were a pain to tie and adjust, and it took me way too long to make one.


Then I found these hanging planters from Big Lots, which I took the fabric pot out of, and the chain part proved to be a fantastic holder. The metal strap isn’t quite flush with the pot, unfortunately, so I might stuff some coconut coir in to hide that.


The pot was $3 and the holder was $5. I have three tomato plants, so $25 for this experiment isn’t too bad.


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