$8 greens box

Greens don’t have a huge root base so they can actually live in pretty shallow containers. I saw loads of people affix rain gutters to walls and fences to grow lettuce, so I figured, why not a balcony railing? I found this gutter at Home Depot for $6 and the end caps for $1 each. What a steal! I just secured it with jute rope but I might switch to white zip ties eventually. There are some baby lettuces you can’t see, interspersed with my romaine lettuces I sprouted from kitchen scraps, and some flowers for color.


I’m so pleased with this project that I’m going to go buy more guttering to wrap around both balconies.

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2 Responses to $8 greens box

  1. dianaed2013 says:

    Enjoy your harvest!

  2. James Rose says:

    Awesome. What a great innovation.. please check out my website (www.balconyworld.com) which specialise in balcony design & products. We would love to feature your balcony one day!!

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