Plant inventory

Here’s what I’m planning to grow this spring/summer:

-Kentucky wonder pole beans
-trionfo violetto pole beans
-rattlesnake pole beans
-sultan’s golden crescent

-sweet cherry blend
-lipstick peppers

-space master

-French breakfast
-Easter egg

lettuces and greens
-black seeded Simpson
-freckles romaine
-Paris island romaine
-Nevada lettuce
-Malabar spinach vine
-tyee f1 spinach

-sun sugar
-yellow pear
-red grape

-royal chantenay
-little finger
-carnival colors

herbs and edible flowers
-jewel blend nasturtium
-purple anise hyssop
-sweet basil
-flat leaf parsley
-thyme (“regular”, lemon)
-oreganos (culinary, spicy)
-spring onions
-garlic scapes
-ginger scapes

fruit trees
-meyer lemon
-bearrs lime

Soooo many plants!!!! 😉

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