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Garden update: end of March

Everything is getting pretty lush! Got all the tomatoes hanging now. Set up a little privacy wall of plants: Giant parsley: Hanging tomato: Radish and carrot window box: Cucumber tendril! Strawberry flowers: Also set up the rain gutter planter on … Continue reading

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Hanging tomatoes

I’m a few years behind the trend, but I’ve decided to try hanging some of my tomatoes upside down in order to save precious space on the balcony. I wanted to make my own planter in order to better control … Continue reading

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Spittle bug sighting!

On the pink yarrow. So cool!

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All the fruit trees except the pomegranate have flowers now! The balcony smells like perfume. Even saw a bee friend buzzing the lime tree 🙂 Crabapple: Lime: Lemon: Olive: Here’s some more fun flowers from around the garden– Yarrow bud: … Continue reading

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$8 greens box

Greens don’t have a huge root base so they can actually live in pretty shallow containers. I saw loads of people affix rain gutters to walls and fences to grow lettuce, so I figured, why not a balcony railing? I … Continue reading

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Veganic gardening products and ideas

As an ethical vegan, I try to incorporate veganism into all areas of my life. This means, in addition to avoiding meat, eggs, dairy, gelatin, honey, etc. in my diet, I abstain from wool, leather, and other animal-derived items in … Continue reading

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Plant inventory

Here’s what I’m planning to grow this spring/summer: beans -edamame -Kentucky wonder pole beans -trionfo violetto pole beans -rattlesnake pole beans -sultan’s golden crescent peppers -sweet cherry blend -lipstick peppers cucumbers -space master radishes -watermelon -French breakfast -Easter egg lettuces … Continue reading

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