Interim south garden tour and some new growth

Still tidying up so it’s not beautiful or organized, but here’s where I’m at for now.

-Window boxes, secured with zip ties. Currently have carrot and radish seeds (unsprouted), thyme, some flowering herbs,  strawberries, and unsprouted dwarf sunflowers. Will soon also have cucumbers, milkweed, yarrow, more flowers!


-Planter boxes. Stunted kale, chard, parsley, spring onions, snow peas, and bolted lettuces.


-Herb and flower corner.  Bougainvillea with new trellis, recently staked princess flower recovering from a cold snap, lavenders, mint, spicy oregano.


And now for some sprouts updates!

Milkweed *finally* sprouted after 3 weeks!


Yarrow is doing good, sort of slow growth.


Radishes have sprouted and were promptly devoured by birds. 😦  I ordered some bird netting and am temporarily protecting the survivors with burlap. That’s a baby avocado in the pot. I have a few scattered here and there.


Lime flower buds! It’s doing so much better compared to when I got it. It was discounted 80% to $10 at the nursery, with yellowed leaves, leaf borer damage, and in an overall sad state. Repotting, watering, fertilizer, and time made all the difference!


Crabapple buds! This one was also discounted and in bad shape at the nursery. I got it in the fall and so when it lost all its leaves the week after I bought it, I wasn’t sure if it was seasonal or dying! So this was welcome and exciting news!


Ginkgo tree buds! It’s pretty early in the season for this guy to be greening up; it only dropped its leaves in November! Every year I eagerly await the little buds as a sign of the coming spring. I’ve had this tree since it was only 5″ tall. I got it at a plant sale at my university’s botanical garden. It’s stuck with me for almost 9 years, faithfully growing branches and turning into a real tree. I look forward to the day I can plant it in a yard. I know it would love more space.


That’s it for now!

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