Some early spring preparations

I can hardly wait to spring to arrive so I can really take advantage of my new balconies. We moved into this apartment in June and were too busy to do much other than maintain existing plants. I grew a moderately successful winter garden–snow peas, rainbow chard, lettuce, and lacinato kale–but my real passion is summer veggies. The apartment we lived in for the past 6 years was north facing and under a canopy of trees, so despite my best efforts I was never able to get much from tomato, bean, and squash plants. There just wasn’t enough sun! Our new place has two balconies, one facing east and one facing south with plenty of sun and warmth–perfect!

I’ve already bought most of my seeds and am waiting for the annual Redwood City tomato sale in April to get my tomato seedlings. I’ll be starting the pepper and cucumber seeds indoors pretty soon with a goal of transplanting them outside by mid- to late-March. I’m waiting for the heating pad I ordered from Amazon before I start those guys.

Until then, I’m puttering around transplanting things and planting kitchen scraps. Here are some fun things we did this week:

Moved the Bearss lime and crabapple trees to bigger pots. Planted green onions and garlic cloves around the apple tree to ward off apple scab. Planted purple anise hyssop seeds around the lime and lemon trees to attract pollinators. There are two baby fruits on the Meyer lemon tree and loads of new buds about to bloom!
lime & apple
Meyer lemon

Planted green onions and garlic cloves around the kale, to see if that helps with their aphid problem.
green onions and garlic from the grocery

Transplanted a celery base from its water bowl inside to a pot in the sun outside. You can see some new growth in the center! Since I’ve had such luck growing green onions from grocery store purchases, I’ve decided to see if I can also grow celery and lettuce.
grocery store celery

Put some romaine lettuce bases in water bowls in my kitchen window. Looks like there is a little bit of new growth already! The one on the left is a little funky because it was accidentally thrown in our compost bag and got stained with coffee grounds. Oops!
grocery store romaine lettuces

For more info about growing veggies from grocery scraps, check out this article.

This winter is a bit confusing to us all! Some of our plants are already blooming and growing like mad, but Rhodie and I are still shivering. Here’s hoping spring comes early!
lavender blooms!

pink yarrow

chilly nights!

cold in the sun

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