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Interim south garden tour and some new growth

Still tidying up so it’s not beautiful or organized, but here’s where I’m at for now. -Window boxes, secured with zip ties. Currently have carrot and radish seeds (unsprouted), thyme, some flowering herbs,  strawberries, and unsprouted dwarf sunflowers. Will soon … Continue reading

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Seedlings update

Most of the cherry peppers and lipstick peppers have sprouted now! The cherry peppers took almost two weeks and I’ve transferred them to the light box. The lipsticks germinated quite quickly (under one week) but the leaves are having trouble … Continue reading

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Transplanting cucumbers

Well, it’s been exactly one week since the cucumber seeds were planted. I haven’t seen much growth above ground the past few days so I figured they might be building their root system up.  I was right! Taking one pair … Continue reading

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Lettuce update

The romaine stems I planted have done so great that I transplanted the older ones into soil. Huzzah! In other lettuce news, the black seeded simpson lettuce I planted a week ago has sprouted!

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Cukes are coming!

Two days…that’s all it took for my spacemaster cucumbers to germinate with the aid of a heating pad. I’m a little overwhelmed! I’m not sure what this means in terms of maturation time. Will I have to put them outside … Continue reading

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Some early spring preparations

I can hardly wait to spring to arrive so I can really take advantage of my new balconies. We moved into this apartment in June and were too busy to do much other than maintain existing plants. I grew a … Continue reading

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